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Writer, Professor, Revolutionary.

Schedule of James D. Cockcroft

Note: this schedule is incomplete but offers samples of past and upcoming activities of James Cockcroft

7-8 November, 2008: I participate in Fourth International Colloquium on the Cuba Five, in Holguín, Cuba, and (what a surprise!) am awarded the Coat of Arms of Holguín Province for my work on behalf of Cuba and the Five.

22-25 April, 2008, and May 2008: I participate in the "Jornadas Bolivarianas" at the Instituto de Estudios Latino Americanos de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil, my first public lecture since the hospitalization of January 2008 (see below). I also participate (in May 2008) in a major conference on the environment held in Brasilia, Brazil.

JANUARY-MARCH, 2008, ACTIVITIES INTERRUPTED (en inglés y español).
I was hospitalized for a week in late January because of loss of blood and repeated surgeries following a routine surgery to remove a small lesion from a lung -- 3 surgeries in 26 hours. The lesion was NOT cancer. I recovered sufficiently by mid-April to participate in the "Jornadas Bolivarianas" of April 22-25 at the Instituto de Estudios Latino Americanos de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Estuve en el hospital en la última semana de enero debido al perdido de sangre después de una cirugía rutina para quitar una pequeña lesión del pulmón -- 3 cirugías en 26 horas. La lesión no tuvo cáncer. Recuperé suficientemente en los próximos meses para ser capaz de participar en las "Jornadas Bolivarianas" del 22 de abril al 25 de abril en el Instituto de Estudios Latino Americanos de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina en Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.


I was hospitalized twice, for a total of 17 days, in my home city of Montreal, Canada, with a still undiagnosed pleuropericarditis that reduced me to a total lack of energy, both physical and intellectual. I left hospital August 20 and continued a frustratingly long process of rest, recuperation, and moderate medication, with energy levels slowly returning. Recurrences of physical exhaustion are now hopefully a thing of the past and rumors of my death are still very premature. I participated in the XXVII International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association, September 5-8 in Montreal. At the LASA congress, I served as a discussant on the panel "Che Guevara y la Unidad para la Integración Latinoamericana," where four of Cuba's leading scholars (and my friend Michaël Löwy in absentia) presented their latest research findings on the life and ideas of Ernesto Guevara and documented the relevance of many of Che's ideas for today's debates about Latin American integration, globalization, imperialism, and the new socialisms of the twenty-first century. I use this space to thank all those people from so many countries who expressed their loving support for me during my long health crisis. I apologize to those individuals and institutions that had scheduled me for professional meetings, talks, and international congresses that, as of last June, I had to cancel for health reasons. It appears I still cannot travel for the rest of 2007 or maybe longer, according to my doctors, leading to yet more regrettable cancellations of engagements. However, I am now once more, at last, available for telephonic and E-mail collective discussions and interviews. On September 8 and 9, for the first time in a long time, I was able to participate again in local solidarity activities in Montreal, albeit at a necessarily moderate level compared to the past.

Uso este espacio para agradecerles a todas esas personas de tantos países que me comunicaron su apoyo cariñoso para mí durante mi larga crisis de salud y hospitalización (pleurapericarditis sin diagnosis.) Les pido disculpas de aquellos individuos e instituciones que me invitaron para encuentros profesionales, conferencias e congresos internacionales que desde el mes de junio de 2007 tuve que cancelar por razones de salud. Según mis médicos, todavía no puedo viajar durante el resto de 2007 y tal vez los primeros meses de 2008, así que habrá más cancelaciones lamentables de compromisos. No obstante, una vez más estoy disponible para discusiones colectivas y entrevistas por teléfono y E-mail. Los días 8 y 9 de septiembre, por primera vez en mucho tiempo, pude participar de nuevo en las actividades de solidaridad en Montreal, Canada, donde vivo, aunque a un nivel necesariamente moderado comparado con el pasado. También participé en el XXVII Congreso Internacional de la Latin American Studies Association (LASA) en Montreal.

MAY, 2007

In Cochabamba, Bolivia, I participated in the international congress of INTELLECTUALS AND ARTISTS IN DEFENSE OF HUMANITY and the activities of its informal international coordinating body.

In Venezuela, I participated in the second week of the new Venezuelan program of INTELECTUALES Y ARTISTAS EN DEFENSA DE LA HUMANIDAD, "Palabras en Puerta," an innovative step towards deepening the organization's ongoing integral and organic links to local communities and social movements by bringing together community people and intellectuals and artists in a continuous and mutually beneficial dialogue. I also appeared in several local, national, and international (Tele Sur) television and radio interviews.

MARCH 21, 2007

I will be reading at a "poetic round table" on the theme of Peace by dialogue at the Café Le Depanneur, 206, rue Bernard Ouest coin Saint-Urbain
Montréal, Québec H2T 2K4, (514) 271-9357

Each participant will read a poem or short prose, and add to the discussion with audience participation. MAKE SURE TO GET THERE EARLY, space is small (@17h30.) Discussion to take place from 17h30 to 20h00. The event is free, open to the public, and multi-lingual.

Analays Alvarez Hernandez
Katharine Beeman
Michel Bujold
Marie Cholette
James Cockcroft
Yolanda Duque Vidal
Hugh (Hugo) Hazelton
Katia Grubisic
Ehab Lotayef
Carolyn Marie Souaid
Sandra Stephenson
Adrian Francisco Valdés Montalvan
Aspasia Worlitzky

In 1999, Unesco declared March 21st World Poetry Day. This year, in Montréal, I wished to celebrate the event through a poetic round table on the theme of :
Peace by dialogue. Tonight, we will listen to, exchange about and discover the various cultures that peacefully coexist in Montréal, both through our participating authors, and through the public who came to meet with them. Élizabeth Robert will invite the authors to read in turn before we open the discussion,. Public participation is welcome at the end of the discussion.

En 1999, l'Unesco a déclaré le 21 mars Journée mondiale de la poésie. Cette année, à Montréal, je vous propose de célébrer cette journée sous le thème :
La paix par le dialogue. Ce soir nous écouterons, échangerons et tenterons de découvrir les diverses cultures qui co-habitent à Montréal, tant par nos lecteurs, que parmi le public qui vient les écouter. Sous forme d'une ronde poétique animée par Élizabeth Robert, les poètes prendront la parole à tour de rôle avant de lancer une discussion, à la toute fin, vous pourrez échanger avec eux.

En 1999, l'Unesco declaró el 21 de marzo Día mundial de la poesía. Este año, en Montréal, les invité a célebrarlo por medio de una ronda poética sobre el tema de :
La paz por medio del diálogo. Esta noche, escucharemos, intercambiaremos y descrubriremos las diversas culturas cuales coexisten en Montréal; tanto por medio de nuestros lectores, que por el publico quien vinó escucharles. Élizabeth Robert, invitará los participantes a leer cada su turno, antes de abrir la discussion, todos estan invitados a participar.

JUNE 30, 2006

I will be addressing the Diplomatic Corps of Latin America and the Caribbean in Ottawa (CANADA) at their monthly luncheon.

AUGUST 21-24, 2006

I will be in Mexico City offering a seminar and lecture on the genocide against Native Americans in the United States for the Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Humanidades, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), to be part of a book on "holocausts" edited by the seminar's director Dr. John Saxe Fernández and to be published by siglo veintiuno editores.

AUGUST 25, 2006

I will be in Morelia, Michoacán, MEXICO, for a book presentation at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo of my new book (with Rául J. Lescas) MICHOACANOS E IRLANDESES ANTE LA GUERRA DE CONQUISTA, 1846-1848.

2006 - 2007

Press Release on Speaker on Immigration, Mexico, Latinas/Latinos, Latin America, ALBA & FTAA, US Foreign Policy, etc.:

Often invited to speak on Mexico, Latinas/Latinos, immigration, and Latin America, Dr. James D. Cockcroft tailors his presentations to meet any group's needs. Among the more frequently requested topics are:

"Mexico: Embattled Neighbor"
“The Other Campaign in Mexico: Zapatismo and the Left”
“The Flores Magóns and Zapatistas: Mexico’s Unfinished Revolution”
“The St. Patrick’s Battalion and U.S. War of Conquest, 1846-1848”

"Latino Immigrants: Myths and Realities”
“Outlaws in the Promised Land: The Politics of Immigration”
“Multiculturalism: Dead or Just Stunned?”
“Latinos’ Historic Struggle for Equal Education"
"Latino Contributions to Making America"
“Latinas: Women Emerging from Obscurity”
“Voices and Visions in Latina/Latino Art”
"Latinos in the Struggle for Social Justice"

“Challenges from Venezuela and Cuba” (with power point)
“Winds of Change from Latin America”
"Latin America's Social Movements: the Challenge to Neo-liberalism"
“Latin America’s ‘Pinochet Syndrome’ and the Words of Allende”
“New Socialisms in Latin America: Venezuela, Bolivia, & Cuba”
“The Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela”
“Nafta and FTAA Revisited: the Challenge of ALBA”
“Globalization Revisited: the Dogma that Failed - Market Fundamentalism”

Award-winning author JAMES D. COCKCROFT (Ph.D. Stanford, Political Science, Sociology, History, with a focus on Latin America, 1966) is a three-time Fulbright Scholar, former Ford Fellow and Peace Corps consultant, 1988 University of California Regents Lecturer, Fellow at Amsterdam’s International Institute of Research and Education, and Internet Professor and course designer for State University of New York. Described by the American Library Association's Choice magazine as "an internationally known and distinguished scholar," Dr. Cockcroft has written thirty-five books on Latin America, Mexico, international affairs, human rights, multiculturalism, immigration, the arts, and public policy. He is also a bilingual life-long human rights activist and poet. Among his most recent books are the highly praised Mexico’s Hope: An Encounter with Politics and History and his updated co-authored classic Toward a People's Art The Contemporary Mural Movement. In 2000 there appeared his Salvador Allende Reader Chile’s Voice of Democracy (assisted by Jane Carolina Canning, Spanish-language edition 2003) and his award-winning Latino Visions (assisted by Jane Carolina Canning). In 2005 Jorale Editores of Mexico published his classic updated oral history on immigration, Historia de un pueblo migrante: Los trabajadores de Michoacán and in 2006 his México: Momento Histórico Decisiones 2006 and Michoacanos e Irlandeses Ante La Guerra de Conquista, 1846-1848. (with Raúl Jiménez Lescas). He is currently preparing several new books such as Outlaws in the Promised Land: The Politics of Immigration; The Dogma That Failed – Globalization’s Market Fundamentalism; Hidden History Of The United States; and Latino Faces: The Big Screen.

Cockcroft’s earlier works include Latin America: History, Politics, and U.S. Policy and Latinos in Béisbol (1998); Latinos in the Struggle for Equal Education and Latinos in the Making of the United States (1995); The Hispanic Struggle for Social Justice (1994); Diego Rivera and Daniel Ortega (1991); and his classic Intellectual Precursors of the Mexican Revolution, now in its 25th Spanish-language edition with Mexico City’s siglo veintiuno editores. He has acted as a consulting editor and written for "The Hispanic Experience" and "Lost Secrets of Our Multicultural History" book series of Franklin Watts and for Chelsea House's "Hispanics of Achievement" collection. He is honorary editor of Latin American Perspectives, consulting editor for Mexico’s newly launched Jorale Editores and Grupo Editor Orfila Valentini, and a founding member of the International Organizing Committee in Defense of Humanity.

For more information, telephone: (514) 278-4032 or (518) 494-5357; Email: jcockcro@yahoo. com ; blog


APRIL 2005

April 8, 13, & 16, Montreal week of solidarity with Venezuela evening events organized by Venezuela nous sommes avec toi to honor third anniversary of April 13, 2002 people’s victory against shortlived coup d’état that briefly kidnapped President Hugo Chávez and destroyed Venezuelan democracy
Speakers: Venezuelan Consuls Adolfo Figueroa & Luis Martínez Peraza; Prof. James D. Cockcroft.
Videos & conjuntos musicales.

18 al 20 de abril, Prof. Cockcroft offers lectures and workshops in Morelia, Michoacán (México).

22 al 23 de abril, Prof. Cockcroft offers lectures and workshops in Chilpancingo, Guerrero (México)

24 al 27 de abril, Tribunal Benito Juárez en la Ciudad de México con la participación de James D. Cockcroft, uno de los dos jueces de la sociedad civil de los Estados Unidos (el otro es el ex-fiscal general de los EE.UU. Ramsey Clark) entre 14 jueces de distintos países que conforman el Tribunal oyendo cargos de terrorismo estadounidense contra Cuba.